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Immortalize Your Loved Ones and Memories

You can express a variety of subjects, stories, and memories; all you need is your imagination. Plan a memorial design with us.

About us

Noon Memorials Ltd. specializes in the designing and manufacturing of quality family memorials in Callander. We are proud to offer our clients over 50 years of experience, with the torch being passed to our third generation of the family in 2006.

We are located just a short 10 minute drive from North Bay, and have continued to provide the same traditional methods of memorial design that began with our Grandfather so you can rest assured that your memorial will last from generation to generation.

Benefits of Pre-Planning
We understand more than anybody that pre-planning a memorial or action on behalf of a loved one is not something that is easily done or talked about. However, pre-planning your, or a loved ones’ memorial will save your family members an enormous amount of time and stress while they are already dealing with the emotions of loss.

Talking openly about your wishes ahead of time, and making appropriate arrangements, means that no one is struggling to make those big decisions without you! Your family wants to honor your wishes so make sure to sit down and talk about it ahead of time.

We can assist you through these delicate and personal decisions. From time to time, we are faced with the realization that we need to make clear our final wishes. In our own family, we have had many humorous discussions about this very subject, but at the heart of the laughter, is the very serious wish to leave our family with memories...not decisions.

Our History
Noon Memorials Ltd. began as a small family business in 1957 by our grandparents Fred and Maisie Noon. In 1975, the business passed to our father Jim Noon and now, Robb Noon, the third generation of the family, is the proud owner and operator of this legacy.

Although the names have changed over the years, we’ve always remained in the same location in Callander and have continued to strive to maintain our well-established reputation of integrity, trust and quality workmanship.

We believe that your loved ones deserve to be honoured with a beautiful memorial that’s quality crafted to last a lifetime. And in your time of loss, we hope that our compassion and years of experience will comfort you and help make the process simple and stress free.

Contact Noon Memorials Ltd. today and learn more about our monument services. Call us today to make an appointment.


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